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itsfuckingpomegranate replied to your post “Can someone update me on Robert Greenwood?”

From what I remember he’s a good friend of Jared. He was taking a photographer during some 30stm’s tours and if I’m not wrong he shoot a few videos of the band too. Rumors says he’s Shannon and Jared’s half brother.

Okay so technically we still don’t know for sure if they are related. But yeah they clearly are close friends and work together.

Thank you so much for replying!


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Can someone update me on Robert Greenwood?

I remember we were all doing “research” on him some years ago, but how again was he related to the Leto’s? 

I just found out a guy I dated is friends with him omg

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Anonymous Asked:
how old ar you?

I am 22

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I’m not too old to fangirl. Jared Leto is too old to look like this.

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captainfruhstuck-deactivated201 Asked:
Happy birthday darling! I hope you had a great one!

Thank you! Yeah had an amazing day couldn’t have wished for it to be better!! :)

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